It’s Been Awhile

New (sort of new) studio space (at night)

Yes, it’s been awhile since I put anything new here, such is my relationship between what is tangible and what is virtual. No, I’m not really a cliché when it comes to stuff like websites and I.T., where I can’t make heads or tails of it because I was born a hundred years before the internet. Mostly I just don’t spend much time with screens. Don’t get me wrong, I think screens and the whole fandango is just great and I feel really lucky to be alive at a time when such wonders were developed and even though I won’t live to see them I’m also excited about where I think all this is going.

No, none of those clichés. What it is, I don’t spend much time on computers because I haven’t incorporated them into life as a painter. Life as a painter, at least my life as a painter, is spent mostly standing around dabbing at canvases or standing around at a drawing table scrawling on paper. A lot of standing. So much standing that friends have even said to me that that’s a good way to stay fit (it isn’t really). When – when – I incorporate the dabbing and scrawling with the virtual then I should be a more fit member of today’s society, gods help us all.

Since January of 2017 I moved the studio once again. Now I am living and working in a much smaller space but the space has 18 to 20 foot ceilings and much better light, although the light is a bit green because there’s a fantastic, wonderful garden outside, a small garden but it reflects light everywhere thus the green.

As things would have it, the biggest canvases I can work on here are about 72 x 54 inches which is why, when I finally figure out how to post them on this website, a lot of the new canvases will have a 72″ side as in 36″ x 72″ or 72 x 48″. Anything bigger just won’t go through the doors easily. How does the artist choose his or her works’ dimensions? Through agonising soul searching, deep contemplation and creative insight or that’s how big my doors are. Actually, size does play a massively important role in the work but logistics plays as big a role more often than not. Until you hit the big time, you got to stick with work you can afford to do. For instance, a lot of earlier works such as the ax31 stuff were sized to fit in a suitcase so I could travel with them easily.

Anyway, I’ve moved again and I’ve been here for the past couple of years. Most of all the studio equipment I used at the other place in Hollywood and before that downtown, is in storage at present until I relocate, again, to a bigger space.

There it is. For now.