The Printing Process

Not everyone is familiar with the process of making and printing drypoints so here is a step-by-step description of how I make these limited edition prints.

1. A copper plate is prepared by cutting to size, beveling the edges and polished to a high sheen.

2. A drawing of the image is then made in reverse to the size of the plate.

3. The drawing is then transferred to the plate.

4. Using a jewel point (or needle of steel) the transferred image is incised into the plate creating the burrs. The ink will be held by the burrs, not so much by the cuts.

5. Using other tools such as scrapers and burnishers, the full image is formed on the plate.

6. The Plate is then inked.

7. The excess ink is then wiped off.

8. Wiping is continued until the image desired appears on the plate.

9. The plate then is put on the bed of the printing press and a damp sheet of paper placed over it.

10. The bed is then run through the press.

11. The image is transferred from the plate to the paper.